Coming out of a freezing cold winter into a hot summer can be difficult to get used to as the midwest heat and humidity can become almost unbearable. With high temperatures, it can become hard for the air conditioner to keep up all the time and still cool your home. High temperatures can lead to homeowners running the AC for longer periods of time as well. Not only does this make the machine work harder, but it will also run up your electricity bill.

In order to ensure your AC is running smoothly and to keep the cooling costs down, it is important that you conduct careful maintenance regularly. Here are a few tips when it comes to maintaining your AC for optimum performance.

Tips to Keep Your AC Running This Summer

Replace the AC air Filters

When it comes to AC maintenance, consider replacing the filters as a first step. Air filters are there to prevent a build-up of any material from entering the AC itself. If there is a build-up in the filter and it is not replaced, it is harder for the AC to draw in air and for cooler, clean air to be pushed out, creating unnecessary pressure on the machine which could even lead it to break. Changing the air filter regularly is a lot cheaper than having to fix a broken air conditioner.

Weatherize The Areas

Most of us don’t know what it means to weatherize our homes. However, it can be highly effective in helping maintain the desired temperature. During the cold season, people will make use of rugs and carpets in an attempt to keep the heat in for as long as possible. This is weatherizing your home. During hot seasons, you want to remove any elements in the home that will contribute to the higher temperatures. In doing so, this makes it easier for the AC to run effectively and work properly.

Ensure Your Thermostat is Working

Something that most homeowners do not think about is checking if their thermostats are in working condition. If the thermostat is broken, you are unable to see what the exact temperatures are. This will make it harder to set up your AC accordingly.

Create Shade

A free method of dealing with the scorching sun and its temperatures is to create shade around the house and avoid direct sunlight. Make use of trees and vegetation around the home so that they can absorb the impact from the sun and create shade for the home. If you have a window AC unit in your home, you may have the fan on the outside covered by shade so it will not heat up easily and can run smoothly.

Program Your AC

We often get busy and become distracted with other tasks that take our mind off what you set the thermostat to. However, with a smart thermostat, you can program your AC to work in an energy-efficient manner. This will allow it to switch off when the area has reached a certain temperature and will turn on when the temperature is getting too high for comfort. This will not only keep from overworking the AC but it will also lower energy bills.

Time to Upgrade

You may have had an air conditioner for years and you do not think you need to let it go. When considering how much your air conditioner has worked over the years, it may be time to upgrade your AC to a newer and more effective model.

The older ACs get, they tend to work harder to produce the cooler temperatures you desire. This means using more power and higher electricity costs. Having a new and working AC will reduce the amount of power needed to keep the temperature the way you want it. As new AC technology develops every year, there are constant upgrades to the way they work. A new AC installation comes with automation improvements and the ability to cool your house down much faster.

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