Sun-drenched weeks are coming. It is time to open your fans and air conditioners to keep yourself from the intolerable heat and humidity that the summer season brings. Here are several summer energy-saving tips to cool your room and make yourself comfortable amidst the season’s extreme temperatures.

Summer Energy Saving Tips

Use Fans with A/C

Using an electric fan alone is much cheaper than running an air conditioner. However, electric fans do not produce cold air. Instead, they move the existing air around that allows for better airflow, making you feel more comfortable. Turning on your electric fan to help the air conditioner cool the room works well. Through this, your AC will easily reach the temperature you have set and its compressor will turn off early. When the compressor runs for longer periods, it consumes a lot of energy and costs a lot in your energy bill.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Is your current air conditioner or refrigerator costing you a lot? Maybe it is time to upgrade to an inverter-type AC or fridge. An inverter compressor gives several benefits, including energy efficiency, durability, and quiet operation. This is especially good to have in the summer when you spend more time using the AC to cool your home and opening the fridge to get some water. But how can inverter-type appliances help you save money?

For example, there is no option to control the compressor—the part that converts the refrigerant from gas to liquid—in non-inverter air conditioners. Thus, the non-inverter AC will only cool the room by operating at its total capacity or the opposite. This process consumes more energy. Unlike in inverter-type ACs, the compressor speed varies. It cools the room temperature to the number you have set, and it will alter its processes based on what the thermostat senses.

Suppose the room temperature you have selected is achieved. In that case, the compressor will decrease its speed just enough to maintain the temperature. The only drawback of inverter-type appliances is that they initially cost more than non-inverter ones. However, these devices are more cost-saving and energy-efficient when you think of it in the long run.

Optimize your Refrigerator

Fill your fridge with items to minimize empty spaces. A refrigerator uses less energy to cool when it is completely filled. So, be sure to fill up all your empty jugs, tumblers, or soda bottles with some cold beverages and stock up on your groceries.

Close the Curtains and Blinds

Closing your curtains or turning your blinds down at the correct times will help you save energy. In summer, the sun’s rays shine into your windows. As a result, the interior heats up and makes it more difficult for the air conditioner to cool your room. By closing the curtains and blinds, you diffuse and prevent sunlight from entering the room. This can keep you from using the air conditioner or turning down the thermostat.

Seal up Leaks

Do not let the cool air leak through the windows and doors. Look for the common air leaks in your house or room, seal them, and install weather-stripping and insulation. This will help your air conditioner to cool the room faster and more efficiently. On the other hand, the insulation resists the heat flow and reduces the heating and cooling costs.

Switch to LED Lights

There is a more energy-efficient substitute to incandescent light bulbs — LED lights. LED lights are now the most energy-efficient lighting option available on the market. They run cooler, last 25 times longer, and use around 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs.

Stop Using the Oven and Stove

Using an oven and a stove heats the kitchen. To keep your home cooler, give them a rest for the summer and cook your meals in other microwaves or outdoor grills. This will also save you a lot of time spent in the kitchen and cut electricity costs.

Unplug Unused Electronics

Whatever season it is, always unplug unused electronics, especially when you leave home. Make sure that no appliances are running or plugged in. During the summer season, the risks of house fires are higher, so always check on your electronics and appliances.

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